About Us
Your virtue matters. It matters to you, to those around you and to the whole world. No matter how old you are, or what life you have led to this date, you have a virtue tank in you that will sparkle with your unique beauty if you take a few simple steps to prevent your virtue tank from leaking.

Good Girls is for women from teenagers to women in their 90’s to join together as sisters in this life. This is not about Girl Power and down with men. It is about women being strong in their femininity and true to themselves, and some women choosing to marry and be sexually vulnerable to a worthy man, and other women electing to stay single and be celibate. As weird as it might sound, how you treat your body, impacts you and the world.

One girl’s mother told her, “Sexual intercourse is a beautiful and significant act when you are married and with someone where there is love, but treat it lightly or casually, and you are treating that part of yourself lightly.”
Another comment was that sexual intercourse was like nuclear power; it could do wonderful things in mature and moral hands, and create horrific destruction if handled carelessly.

Anyone can be a Good Girl and be a force for GOOD in the world

Good Girls Finish First™ is for all women of any age, whether you are single, married, widowed or never want to marry. Anyone can be a Good Girl and be a force for GOOD in the world by how you act in your day-to-day life.

Good Girls vow to say “No” to pornography of all kinds, do not allow their bodies to be used for sodomy (anal and oral sex), or fornication (pre-marital or extra martial vaginal intercourse.)  Good Girls only have intercourse with their husband if he is faithful, sober, kind, honest and he is following the Ten Commandments. Good Girls self-respect is internal not external.


Chaste Courtship and having a “No” is the Key to the Fairytale.
In the day of our Grandmothers, men had to pursue women, not the other way around. The parents watched as the young man came to the house, sat on the porch and sought to win her hand. Each man has two sides, his Frog side and his Prince side. If you do not have strong virtue, his mean Frog side will get bigger. When a Good Girl takes care of herself, one side of the man, his Godly Gentleman will embrace her.  However, his sick Frog, will be angry with her.

A Good Girl stays true to God and herself – saying NO sexual contact before marriage and true to God and herself while married – saying NO to sexual immorality, adultery, pornography and sodomy with her husband while saying YES to romance, love, happily ever after and joyful sexual intimacy with her husband.  Good Girls say NO to immoral, unethical and illegal behavior.  We say YES to moral, ethical and law-abiding behavior.  Once in a great while what is legal is immoral, like slavery or violence towards a certain group.  We pray and we may stand with what is moral.

Be true to yourself and God, and you will live a good life. A Good Girl has a close connection with God, her own virtue and self-respect, manner and her “No”.