Good Girls Commandments

We thought we’d come up with a few more.

Thou shall treat your body like a temple: We value and cherish our bodies, getting enough sleep, exercise and wholesome food and avoiding toxic people and substances.

Thou shall cooperate with other good women: We work together with other good, virtuous women and are not catty or competitive.

Thou shall support a well balanced education, healthy body, mind and spirit: We know that hard work, education, reading, music, art, math, science and faith are all important components to a balanced person and we stand for acquiring these and other important life skills.

Thou shall ask questions until someone is able to explain it to you: We know that we need to know how to manage money and understand politics if we are to be informed. If your gut tells you that you are not being told the truth, your gut is likely accurate.

Thou shall do, recommend and teach virtuous, chaste, drug and alcohol free, old school courtship: We allow men to court us for a minimum of a year, men pay, and we wait until we are married to have sex. In short, your knees stay together; no penis comes into play at all until you are married. No hand, vaginal, anal or oral activity. No sodomy.

Thou shall be married to man whom you like, who is trustworthy whom you are able to discuss your feelings, money and religion with prior to getting pregnant: We only marry and have children with honorable, responsible, kind, moral, ethical, law abiding men whom we like as people.

Thou shall respect the relationship commitments of other men and women, even if they don’t: We do not flirt with or sleep with other people’s husbands or fiancés.

Thou shall not abuse the legal system for improper personal gain: We do not lie about being abused, raped or our children being abused as retaliation against a man.

Thou shall not act as a mask, purse, nurse or cover up for unworthy, bad or weak men: We do not date, marry or have sex with immature men or bad boys or give them money or a cover of credibility.

Thou shall have a backbone and a virtuous, honest trustworthy voice: We stand up for true weakness and do not stay silent if what we see is immoral, illegal or unethical. We will not cover for a lecherous and dangerous husband, boss or other authority figure. We have a backbone over self-preservation, comfort and image and are willing to stand-alone for what is true, right and good.

Thou shall stand for freedom of movement, expression and justice for women and children: We stand for a safe world where women and children are safe from physical, sexual and psychological danger. Safe streets, yards and neighborhoods.

Thou shall have taken a self-defense class and own a gun and know how to use it: We support each household having firearms and all those in the household knowing how to use them to defend themselves. We also learn self-defense skills. We hope we never have to use them. We do not believe in violence as the best solution but realize that violence may at times be needed to protect principles, freedom and our families

Thou shall be a daughter of God and goodness first before being a daughter or wife: We submit to God and our morals and instincts and not to any man’s agenda or pressure that conflicts with our principles. Thou shall read the 10 Commandments and know what they mean.

Thou shall have the right and freedom to change beliefs systems and leave wherever you worship: We do not support religions or cults who oppress and intimidate members or treat women, children or leaving or questioning members with bullying, intimidation or violence.

Thou shall not play victim and shall only use the legal system virtuously: We do not intimidate using the race, gender or religion card and do not file false sexual harassment or racial claims. We will refuse to participate in this abuse of this system and refuse to lie to help out women who misuse the legal system for personal gain or retaliation.

Thou shall not support perverted and sexually deviant industries: We do not support the existence of pornography, legalized crime or any form of exploiting women and children. We support users and purchasers of this to be prosecuted but prostitutes to be offered alternative job training and counseling. We act to have online pornography movies removed from public libraries. We do not take any nude photos of ourselves or allow anyone to take nude or sexual photos of us.

Thou shall only participate in sexual activity within marriage that you feel comfortable with: You have a moral duty to say, “No” to your husband regarding sodomy (oral sex, anal sex), lust (sex toys, pornography, rough sex, addictive overly frequent sex, exhibitionism, fetishes), fornication (threesomes). It’s called making love because both people are supposed to feel comfortable. Be transparent and upfront this in the courtship phase. A good man isn’t into sodomy, fornication and lust and won’t pressure, guilt or degrade you. A man who loves you won’t want naked photos of you.

Thou shall be accountable for yourself and not blame others: We believe that people are best when self supporting through their own contribution and do not believe that ongoing welfare, affirmative action or other bar lowering efforts are healthy for society or individuals.Thou shall not be on welfare.

Thou shall appreciate and be respectful of good, honorable, honest, kind and generous men: We will cooperate with good men and work in a complimentary versus competitive fashion with them.

Thou shall listen to and be true to your virtuous instincts above all else: We do not compromise our values for others despite the pressure and threats.

Thou shall stand with people of all colors, races and religions who have sound and just morals, ethics and legal beliefs: We do not discriminate by color and race but realize that some political systems are actually cults and some so called religions are cults or political systems in disguise and are harmful to civilization.

Thou shall teach self-sufficiency and set your children free, especially your sons: We do not foster or seek to create dependent children to meet our emotional needs. We set a good example, set limits, let them grow up and apart from us and eventually leave us.

Thou shall surround yourself with cleanliness, good hygiene and a beautiful, soft and soothing environment to the best of your ability. Thou shall know basic first aid, how to cook 10 healthy meals from scratch, sew a pillow and balance a checkbook.

Thou shall read a bible chapter a day and pray out loud at least once a day with someone.

Money doesn’t talk, it screams. Spend your money at virtuous places.
Thou shall avoid giving your money to immoral, unethical and illegal businesses.

Thou shall read a bible chapter a day and pray out loud at least once a day with someone.
Here is a cell phone application that allows you to read or reads to you Bible verses at a rate that you complete the Bible in a year.