Good Girl Goals
For women to spend time with and lend their energy only to good men. For women to wait until commitment, monogamy, engagement and marriage before intercourse of any kind or orgasming of either person. For women to learn to say yes to what they feel comfortable with and be respectful and appreciate good men while saying no to what they don’t want even though saying no might result in hurting a man’s feelings, upsetting him or making the woman feel selfish or guilty.

To learn the difference between healthy self-centered and self-care versus destructive self-absorption and selfishness.

To understand how taking good care of your body, spirit and emotions is the most important action you can take for yourself, those around you, children, animals and the planet.

To realize what true beauty is and that your virtue and essence is what a man sees and falls in love with more than your face and body.

To understand the difference between sexual maturity and sexual sophistication and why you only want a sexually mature relationship.

To understand how your girl chemistry works and how to tell if you have healthy chemistry with him (and how to tell if you don’t – and what to say and how and when to cut it off honestly and justly).

To understand how you bond versus how he bonds.  The difference between oxytocin and vasopressin.

To understand why having sex early with a guy ruins your relationship, sets you up for sadness and pain and stops him from falling in love with you.

To understand why family, kids, money, religion, ethics, morals and values are important to talk about.

To understand what to do and not do on the first few dates.

What to do if he or you are “soul mates” but one or both of you is married or committed to another.

What men or signals of future pain to avoid.  Cultural and religious and personal red flags to watch for and what to do.

To understand what an inner sanctum is.

To understand what most women and men need that are different.

Why you expressing your negative and positive feelings are important to him.

To understand why porn must be banned from both your lives for you to be satisfied and content as a couple.

How to be respectful while not being a doormat.

How you can be in a relationship while being true to yourself.

To understand how to balance motherhood with womanhood and when to go back to womanhood (and why so many women stay stuck in mommy mode and destroy their lives, their kid’s lives and their marriages in the process by feeling too “guilty” to be a woman).

How your powerful and beautiful virtue and “No” impact others in big and small ways.

How your ability and willingness to say “no” (and laws to protect you) are what creates a civilized society versus barbaric (look at Cro-Magnon and middle east).

How the sexual revolution hurt women, society and children and its impact on America’s men and financial stability.

What is “kicking the virtue tires” and why men might ask for degrading things like anal, oral or group sex from you?

The reasons men pressure women for sex and hope you’ll say “no”.

The best ways to avoid pressure while courting.

Why courting is far superior to dating. How to tell the difference.

How soon to tell a guy the whole truth about your fairy tale.

The reasons forces push you to cave on your principles, have pre-marital sex or tolerate porn or rough treatment.

The two parts of every man.

The difference between a healthy gold digger and a self-destructive gold digger.

The reasons it is important to not label yourself or anyone as “gay”.

Good girls belief about same sex attraction and the political and emotional reasons that confusing information is out there.

The reasons wrinkles and cellulite don’t matter to men.

What plastic surgery tells you about someone and why to avoid it?

Reasons having an animal or too a close friend can damage your romantic relationship.

Reasons believing his lies and ignoring your instincts hurt you both.

How you must face and overcome your denial of evil in yourself, your family, others and the world to ever get your Fairytale.

How and when to talk about embarrassing topics with a man.

Why avoiding all alcohol and drugs helps you get the Fairytale.

What does having your girl switch flipped mean?

Reasons to avoid television and fashion magazines.

When was he with a “crazy” girl and when did he make her crazy?  How to avoid a crazy making guy.

The difference in feeling between a generous man in love and a bartering camel trader looking to use you for sex or mothering.

Why being a purse, nurse or vaginal receptacle for a man is destructive and deadly to you.

The four types of relationship patterns you will see and the only one you want.

The reason good girls must pick a man with their nervous system versus their eyes alone.

Why the cute guy often turns into heartbreak.

What it means when a guy makes your skin crawl?

The reason you need to say no to his picking you up at your home or getting in his car?

What is a psychopath and how does he use pity to destroy you?

What is an emotional affair and how to avoid or recover from one?

The reason mutual transparency is important and a man who doesn’t want that isn’t right for you

The reason being able to access his cell phone and emails is healthy.

The reason small fines $ for behaviors may help him grow.

The reason to avoid Mamma’s boys.

How he shows love by what he does with his body, money, contracts and time.

Reasons chasing a man don’t work or feel good.  Good girls don’t pursue a man.

Examples of bad girls and their lives.

A man shows love by what he does with his body, money, contracts and time. If he isn’t spending time and money on you and doesn’t keep his agreements, he isn’t that into you.