Links about Virtue
How God Sees Women

Purity Balls occur around the country and have fathers help daughters stay true to morals. This link is for one in Illinois. Look online or call this one to learn about ones in your area.

This link gives a terrific response to a young girl who is considering fornicating with her boyfriend out of fear of losing him.

Mark Gungor is a really funny happily married pastor and grandfather. He teaches marriage workshops in churches around the country. He also has a workshop called “Butt kicking women” that I have seen clips of. Here are some video links that are very informative and fun to watch. There are many more on

Yo Mamma Session 1 – the number one key to Incredible sex
Yo Mamma Session 2 – the number one key to Incredible sex
How to stay married

God’s Word to Women Website
God is calling all women to assume the full scope of the role for which they were created.

Ten Lies The Church Tells Women
For centuries, a patriarchal system of control has kept women in spiritual captivity through distortion of the scriptures. It’s time to debunk the myths.

Satan’s Enmity Against the Woman
Is this the reason that the Bible commands men to love their wives but doesn’t command wives to love their husbands?

Did Paul Really Say, “Let the Women Keep Silent in the Churches”?
The author’s conclusion: Some day all Christians will stand before God to give an account of their lives and actions. We may be asked: What have you done with the women I have anointed to minister in My Church? Did you hinder or accept these women? My prayer is that more Christian leaders and lay people not hinder the move of the Holy Spirit in the lives of women called to ministry. Then, and only then, will God’s work go forth with greater effectiveness and power to accomplish His purposes.

Who’s the Boss?
Three reasons why Ephesians 5:21-33 is not about authority in marriage.

These workshops are not Biblical and do not state clear moral rights and wrong. They are good at showing how men and women are different. It can help Christian women and girls understand why men do what they do. I recommend the following workshops: Celebrate Men, Satisfy Women, The Queen, Men and Marriage and Understand Women. I do not recommend Men and Sex as they do not teach waiting until marriage and they are supportive of men viewing pornographic material.