Prince or Frog
Why do men want to open the door and take care of certain women and other women seem to end up feeling used? Part of it is the guy and part of it is the girl. Some girls can actually take a Prince and turn him into a frog. Some men are frogs, unfit to associate with women and will stay that way their entire lives. Not every man is a potential prince. Some Frogs are men who can turn into princes with the right woman.

Your job as a Good Girl is not to invest in a permanent Frog. Your job is also to be virtuous and a Good Girl so as not to turn a good Prince into a Frog.

Men need to have a physical and spiritual attraction to a woman to want to marry her. If they just like you spiritually, they see you as a friend. If they just like you physically, then they just want to use your body as a sperm receptacle, which is a HUGE “NO” for a Good Girl. No man ever fell in love with a girl because she had sex with him.
In fact, many men have told me that they only pressure the girl they DON’T like. If they liked the girl, they wouldn’t want to upset her or make her leave.

Good Girls do NOT
Chase or pursue a man
Participate in dirty talk, sodomy or fornication
Drink alcohol or use drugs

You could have a good guy like you and by chasing him or having sex with you, he doesn’t like you any more. Remember, courtship is where a good guy treats you so well that you decide to stay with him.

Men fall in love when then give and pursue. Women fall in love when we receive and are pursued. When a woman gives and pursues, neither she nor the man will fall in love. They might have sex, they might even get married and have kids but they will not have the fairy tale.

Men give tangible things. They pay for dinner, buy flowers and after they marry, men buy the house and pay the bills. Women give back in intangible areas. We gush authentic appreciation and admiration. (We don’t fake this). We make dinner for our wonderful husband. We make the house a home. We bring warmth.

When a Frog is trying to shame you or doesn’t like your “requirement”.
“C’mon. Don’t you trust me? Just go with your feelings.”
“So, I have to talk about money with you before you sleep with me. That makes you a gold digger.”
“You’re not one of those uptight women, are you?”
“But what if we aren’t sexually compatible? It should be just as important to you.”

A Good Girls says, “You have every right to mock and pressure me however it makes me feel sad that my feelings are not important to you. If it continues, I will need to leave.”

Feminine women leave situations that are not good for them.