Good Girl Spirituality
Becoming a Good Girls starts with the first step. Today. And, to get the glass slipper, you must do your best to read FIVE Books in the next 60 days.

Good Girl Stages


I encourage women to take a 60-day reflection period to get back in touch with themselves. That might involve not watching your favorite television shows, setting aside magazine or romance novels or cutting back on certain activities. This is important. And, while it might be eye opening, you will likely have a big shift in your inner peace and self-respect.

Many woman have lost their “No” and a woman without a “No” (And a country that has laws to protect her) has a meaningless “Yes”. Her “Yes” is simply because she is afraid to cause problems, incite anger or disappoint someone. So, she sacrifices herself, often her body and soul, and unknowingly, her civilization.

You will learn about chaste courtship, chastity, virtue and how truly important YOUR virtue is in the world, whether you are single, married or widowed. Your feminine spirit and virtue are what make the world the wonderful place it is, and when they are missing and you are hurting yourself to please others, everything and everyone is impacted.

We will help you get in contact with your true inner strength as a beautiful women and Good Girl.

While this might sound different from what you’ve heard or you might be asking, “Does this really apply to me”, it does! And, the good news is that this site will teach you how to finally have that fairy tale you have always dreamed about. Maybe it is to get married and have children, maybe it is just to live a quiet life with some friends and help others.

We will help you get in contact with your true inner strength as a beautiful woman and Good Girl.

If you are sexually active with someone you are not married to, I’d ask that you communicate to that person that you want to have a 60-period without intercourse. For some reason, when women have sex, they often lose some of their ability to reflect and get in touch with themselves.

If you are married, I’d consider discussing the same thing with your husband and see if that would work. Cuddling and kissing is still fine. A good, generous and understanding man will often make the sacrifice if he knows this is something that is important to you. During these 60-days, you have FIVE things to do.

Read these books – Bringing up Girls, The List, A Return to Modesty, His Needs, Her Needs and Men and Marriage 

Depornify your life

Get back in touch with your body – enough sleep, baths, eating well, avoiding toxic people and feeling how your body feels

Think about what feels good to you and what doesn’t feel good. Reflect on what you have a hard time asking for and what you have a hard time saying “No” to.

Write out “My fairytale Life and My Fairytale Husband” during these 60 days.

Depornification and refeminization:
Depornify Your Life

Tattoos – Do not get tattoos and get the ones you have removed safely by an M.D.

Pubic hair – Stop waxing and shaving away your pubic hair. It is there to protect your pubic area and is part of being a woman. This awful habit started in the Middle East to make women look like little girls and then was adopted by pornography.

Thongs – Wear regular cotton underwear and stop wearing underwear that is non-functional and uncomfortable.

Plastic surgery – Do not change your face, your breasts or your body for a man. Plastic surgery was created to help deformed men harmed in World War I. Plastic surgery now deforms women and destroys their natural beauty. Here is a true story. A woman had a “Lifestyle” lift, which is a facelift that costs several thousand dollars. The doctor did a lousy job, she had to do go back so the surgeon to fix the problem several times. Finally, when it healed, she felt better about doing it. The surgeon then asked her, “What do you want to do about your saggy boobs and ass?” Now, this women did not have her “No” should not have gotten the face lift, but instead should have become a Good Girl, stopped drinking and stop smoking pot, and she would have felt beautiful. But, she tried to feel beautiful by changing her outside.

Lingerie – say “No” to lingerie. However, if you have beautiful and comfortable nightgowns that you love, wear those. No good man wants you to dress up and degrade yourself.

Dirty words – Stop saying all curse words. Avoid slang. Avoid words such as “booty” or other crude words. Be ladylike in your word choice.

Skirts and Dresses – Make friends with skirts and dresses. Think feminine and not trashy. Sometimes having your hem one inch longer is the difference between feminine and too short. Wear clothes that feel good. Dress for your inner self-respect and Queen

Lighter makeup – Go without makeup or light make up. The most beautiful thing you can do for your skin and face is to eat right, stay hydrated and stay connected to God and your virtue. You will glow.

Shoes – wear shoes that fit and that you can walk comfortably in. Hurting your feet or your body to look sexy or attract a man is not something a Good Girl does.

Household – Get rid of any occult or dirty books, art or magazines you acquired.

Entertainment – walk out of movies or turn off the TV if drugs, rape, fornication or adultery are occurring. Be careful about what you expose your soul to.

Piercings – Remove any piercings beyond a single hole for each ear

Hair color – return to your natural hair color and learn to really like it
Consider, especially if you are single, getting off the pill. Tell your doctor that you are going to be chaste for a while and won’t be needing it.

Corporal Re-sensitization

Get back into your Body – it will feel good!

Good Girls feel good in their own skin.

Rest your body so it isn’t tired.

Get your body water and exercise.

Take baths and showers that feel good.

Avoid things that numb your connection to your own body, such as drinking alcohol or over eating.

Pay attention to your body not wanting to get into the elevator (value it over rationalization from your head).

Pay attention to what makes your body feel relaxed, like taking your time, versus rushing.

What behavior from others feels comfortable, what does not?


Here is one Good Girl’s Fairytale Husband and Life:

My Fairy Tale Husband

I respect and admire my husband. I feel comfortable in deferring to him in most things, because I know he cares about me enough to consider my wants and needs in his decisions. He is thoughtful and not impulsive. He is not indecisive and doesn’t look to me to lead or initiate. He is secure and not a handwringer. He is not afraid to go after and ask for what he wants. He likes his life and works through things like a man.

My husband is loving, loyal, kind, caring, respectful, romantic, considerate, social, generous, assertive, and has manners. He doesn’t swear. He is never violent in his speech or actions with me or the children but he would resort to violence if he needed to protect us. He doesn’t tease me or the children. He isn’t sarcastic or crude. He doesn’t make or tell dirty jokes. He is an honorable gentleman. He is honest with me and will tell me things about others that might be painful but tell me gently and lovingly. He drives safely.

He doesn’t read my mind but asks me. He asks me directly versus guessing. Over time he has been consistently trustworthy and I feel relaxed, safe and comfortable in his care. He takes the time to run decisions by me and asks, “How do you feel about this?” and then can incorporate my feelings into his plan. He doesn’t do things that make me feel uncomfortable. He cherishes my negative or uncomfortable feelings over his own. If I’m upset and he’s upset, he hears my feelings and listens to me. If he wants to share negative feelings he will ask me “I want to talk to you about something that happened at work today, when is it comfortable for you to hear me?” Then after sharing asks me, “How do you feel about that?” If he hurts my feelings, he says, “I’m sorry I hurt your feelings” until I feel better.

He doesn’t keep secrets from me. If something bad happens, he doesn’t hide it from me. He doesn’t take his frustrations out on others. We are transparent with each other and have all the passwords to each other’s accounts. We conduct ourselves in ways that have no need for secrets or privacy.

If I feel uncomfortable with something he has done or said, he listens to me, doesn’t interrupt when I’m sharing my feelings and is accountable and honest when responding to my feelings. He isn’t defensive, dishonest, deflective or afraid to say, “I did do that and I’m sorry. Next time, I’ll ___ instead. How does that feel?”

He doesn’t raise his voice at me, slam doors or do anything physically intimidating

He doesn’t raise his voice at me, slam doors or do anything physically intimidating. He has self-control of his actions and words even when frustrated and angry. He knows how to cool himself off. If he needs to go out for a break, he says, “I’m going for a walk here and I’ll be back in two hours” and he is. I don’t worry about abandonment because he doesn’t say things like “I’m out if here” or threaten divorce when he’s upset. He has a relationship with God and is a moral, ethical and law abiding citizen. He does not look at pornography of any kind and initiates making love to me in ways I am comfortable with. No dirty talk, no requests for oral or anal or other sex that feels dirty to me. Vaginal making love, affection with our emotional connection being first and foremost is what he desires and what satisfies him. He realizes that it is all the little things, like doing what he said, making me feel number one and keeping his word consistently, that results in my receptivity to intimacy. We are both monogamous emotionally and sexually with each other. That means, he doesn’t engage emotionally with other women or listen to their hopes, dreams or romantic issues.

My husband knows how to and continually communicates willingly with me. Our two “I’s” build a strong “we.” I put him first in my life and he puts me first. Together we prioritize my children (and his kids if he has them). Our inner sanctum is our sacred couple space and we are loyal to each other first and foremost. If we have to let someone down, it’s other people not each other. If he has a previous family, he will never tell me that his kids are more important than me. Nor will he show it. It is understood that as a team we love our young children as our first priority after loving each other. We do not sacrifice our children for our relationship nor our relationship for our children. As they grow, they need us less and less. As the kids grow up, we get closer and closer and do not over involve ourselves in their adult lives. I go back 99% to woman/wife from mom and he goes back 99% man/husband from Dad. He puts our relationship before his relationship with his mother and all other friends and family. He has only 1 person, me, in first class and all others in our lives, are in coach with our kids being in business.

Because we share the same values and morals and have built a very strong friendship, our children will feel like they are important and see how a mom and dad who love and respect each other are together. Sometimes kids can wait and not be the center of our lives. They realize that our “We” outranks them but that we love them very much. We do not make them the center of our universe. They cannot play us against each other nor disrespect our limits. He and I have talked and support each other regarding such topics as household rules, television, healthy eating habits, discipline, church, spending time together as a family, etc.

My husband is a good provider. This means that he makes enough to pay all the bills-mortgage, utilities, car payments, credit cards, car and house repairs, gas for cars, groceries, retirement, etc. If he had a previous family, he makes enough to provide for his obligations with them and he does it graciously. He makes enough that I do not have to work. I work because I choose to work. My money is my money. If I am hurt and not able to work for a period of time, that it is okay, because he makes enough that the loss of my income is not even a blip in our financials. My husband is responsible with money and good at planning for the future. He is financially savvy. He has planned for my future if something were to happen to him, i.e. life insurance. If he died, my children and I would still have a comfortable lifestyle. I would be able to live to 100 years of age comfortably. He saves aggressively for retirement.

He lives a healthy balanced lifestyle and is committed to it. This means, no pornography, no gambling, no high risk or deviant activities, no smoking anything, no drugs, illegal or recreational prescription, no excessive drinking. He exercises. He and I are physically active together.

Even after we are married he still asks me out on dates regularly. If it is still needed, he arranges for childcare and takes care of it all from calling the baby sitter, determining what the kids will have for dinner, selecting the restaurant, getting the car door and paying the sitter. He wants to spend time with me as much as possible. He plans dates a few days out and also does things spontaneously like “I want to take you to lunch today.” He plans vacations based on places he knows I long to visit.

He loves doing the little things for me: cleaning the snow off my car and warming it up for me at 2am when I have to go to work, likes to give back and foot massages without expecting intimacy, will clean out the cat litter box, open the door for me, buckle me in, draw a bath, brings me flowers and small gifts that he knows I will like. He also takes responsibility for the house and car being in good condition. He takes the car in for repairs, checks the tank, keeps it full, and checks the air pressure and oil. He keeps an eye on the house maintenance.

He knew that I wasn’t comfortable coming off the market until I felt comfortable with his life, money management, had met the important people in his life and felt good about our “we” and shared values. He had shown me his financial plan and where he was with it and we had discussed assets, debts and future goals. He was comfortable waiting until after we were engaged to kiss and waiting until after we were married for further intimacy. He proposed to me after we had talked about the important dreams and goals.

He loves to see me relaxed and happy and he is the man I respect, admire and love the most in the world.

When a Good Girls has a man suggesting marriage, she offers to send this to him.