What others say:

This information was so powerful. I didn’t understand how having self-respect would completely transform my life. I’ve told all my friends about it. I’m much happier.

– Beth, Age 23
Mother of 3 year old


I am divorced and never knew what chaste courtship was. It completely changed my life. To fact check this site, I asked all the people I work with about this Good Girls info. The happily married ones agreed with it as they had lived it. The unhappy people disagreed. That was all I needed. My life is completely different. I am much more confident with my feminine side, being receptive and also speaking up for myself and saying, “No” when needed. It has been good for my girls to see mom happier.

– Hannah, Age 43
Mother of two daughters

I wish I had known this information when I was choosing my first wife. Now, it’s what I want my grown daughter to embrace. It is a system that maximizes happiness, romance and satisfaction for both men and women.

AGE 60