The Fairytale
We all grew up with an idea of a fairy tale where a handsome prince comes into our lives and loves and adores us. But, no one really told us how to do that. In fact, many of the modern messages literally sabotaged your chances of having a fairytale romance.

The goal of this site is to have women feel beautiful inside and out. To look in the mirror and like whom you see. To put your head on the pillow at the end of the day and realize how you lived your day was by being true to yourself as well as helping the world. The best part about all of this is that it is built on you having self-respect. Every single woman and girl’s virtue matters. It makes the world a better place when women and girls guard our bodies and our virtue as precious and sacred. And, no matter what your previous choices, you can start being a Good Girl today and you will start to change your life and the world in a very good way. You will gain moral clarity and moral courage, both of which you will need to live the fairytale.

On this site, you will learn about how to be a Good Girl and a lady, not a doormat, conduct yourself with good manners and be the type of woman who makes men want to be better men and makes the world a better place. You will learn how to cultivate your inner beauty and radiate beauty on the outside. You will learn about how truly priceless and needed your femininity is. And, the best part is that it will feel good to your body, spirit and soul when you are true to your feminine nature and good morals. What Good Girls teaches here is really affirming what you have always felt inside. Come join the Good Girls and Finish First.


Here is the formula for a happily every after fairytale

Chaste means that you are not touching the man in any way. Your clothes stay on. You are in public. You act in an upright and moral way, no dirty talk or taking sexy photos of yourself. You are a Proud Prude. Check with your body before, during and after the date. How do you feel? Relaxed or pressured?

A chaste woman goes out on daytime 1-2 hour no touching, no alcohol dates with men who are courting her and they pay. She wears a dress, smiles, says yes please and no thank you. She listens. When asked, she talks about what makes her happy and what her values are. She doesn’t curse or use crude words.

A Good Girl only stops seeing other men when a good man with whom she shares a faith and who wants to protect and provide for her and whom she feels comfortable with has courted her for a period to where she feels comfortable with him as a future husband and father. I do not recommend marrying someone who you have not been courted by for at least a year.

To stop seeing other men, a Good Girl needs a proposal, an engagement ring and a wedding date.

She also needs to have met his family and seen how he handles his anger and money.

To accept a proposal, a Good Girl needs to sit down and talk about money, look at bank accounts and have talked about religion and children with a man. She also needs to have met his family and seen how he handles his anger and money. She also needs to know if he has other women or uses pornography of any kind. Before getting engaged, a Good Girl and her suitor will meet with a minister or with a trusted family member to talk about marital and family issues to make sure that they are a good fit. Both people must believe in absolute monogamy. No flirting with others, putting God first then each other first.

Once a Good Girl is engaged, she is still chaste. She doesn’t start making out with her fiancé or allowing him to grope her. If she starts to see bad traits in the man, she ought to break the engagement. If she breaks it, she must return the engagement ring.

After you are married, you may enjoy vaginal marital relations.

Isn’t talking about money make me a gold-digger?

No, it makes you healthy. A gold digger is someone who marries a man she doesn’t like and doesn’t have chemistry with solely for survival and money. She doesn’t like him as a person, he might be a bad person, and she is grossed out by his touch. Wanting a man who is a good provider who is interested in providing is good for you and your future children. Men who accuse you of being a gold-digger are likely selfish frogs who want you to pay the bills or lazy frogs who don’t want to work. Money is an important area of compatibility.


Gentleman behaviors you may enjoy during courtship and for your life:

A man opening the door for you

A man helping you with your coat and lifting your hair out

A man getting your car door entering and exiting

A man calling you when he says he will and showing up when he says he will

A man who enjoys you for whom you are and likes spending time with you.

A man who prays daily with you and puts your joint relationship with God first.

A man who takes on the responsibility of joyful protector, provider and cherisher.

How Pets can hurt your Fairytale

Sometimes when women get hurt and don’t know how to be a Good Girl, they end up letting bad guy after bad guy hurt them and disappoint them. They may have parents and siblings who don’t know how to help them since they are making the same mistakes. 
Sometimes, it can feel so bad that they decide to just love animals instead since an animal won’t hurt their feelings. Then, they literally think that their animal is a person, it becomes their best friend and they stop learning how to be with people. If you realize that a pet is an animal, it is healthy. If you are taking your pet to a therapist or worried that your pet is depressed, you are out of balance. If you want to live like that, it is okay. But, you are devoting your heart to an animal and it is not available for a man so you will feel “unavailable” to a man. Often, if our parents were not married or happily married, we do not know how to find a fairy tale. Don’t hide with animals. There is a saying; “People who can’t make a life with people make it with animals.” Don’t give up on people.

How fairy tale got messed up and how Good Girls are making dreams come true?

Women used to be treated like property and did not have the right to vote, the right to own property or the right to say “No” to their husbands about sex. Women in America got the right to vote in 1922, which was 67 years after the Black man. Mothers and fathers expected girls to remain virgins until they were married and then to obey their husbands. Some husbands were nice, others were awful. Some men felt that they owned their wife’s body and could beat her or use her body anytime he wanted no matter how she felt. Marital rape did not become illegal in all 50 states until 1993, when North Carolina passed it. Up until then, getting married meant a woman gave up her, “No”.

There were no laws to protect her or people to chastise the man. Unless a man and woman had good parents and role models who taught them well, girls and boys didn’t know how to grow up and be a good husband or good wife. If a girl got pregnant before she was married, she was considered an embarrassment and was not treated well. Her family might hide her or force her to live at a convent and give away her baby.

So, here is what happened. In the late 1940’s and 50’s, Kinsey and other pseudo-scientists studied animals and sex offenders and criminals and released reports pretending that normal men and women did certain perversions. This planted anti-virtue seeds that told people “Fornicating is okay, kids are sexual, sodomy is okay, pornography is okay.” Suddenly, in the 60s, a rebellion against traditional morals and values erupted, with people. We had pornography, drugs, rock music and fornication. The Feminist movement encouraged women to not be “owned” anymore and to take control of their own virtue by having sex outside of marriage to “prove” they were free. This led to lots of pregnancies and then women died having abortions. It was a mess. Virtue is a Good Girl’s most precious resource. While it made sense to want to be our own people, women made a mistake by embracing promiscuity and rejecting femininity and virtue. It feels good to most women to voluntarily surrender to a good dad or good husbands, leadership by choice, but it felt awful to not be considered a full person, almost a little like a slave, and have no choice. We had and have a right to be free and to connect with God and not submit to any man.
But, no one showed young women how to make good marriage or sexual choices. In the late 50s, all girls were expected to be virgins until they were married. Then in the 60s, every one is having free sex. And there were consequences to actions that did not come from virtue, moral clarity or moral courage. Women have still been trying to find that inner sense of “liberation”. But the secret is that knowing your worth comes first from your virtue and being close with God and following moral guidelines. No job or sexual experience will ever give you the freedom and peace of mind that staying close to God and being virtuous does. We are very lucky in America. The main victimization women experience is what we do to ourselves by accident or on purpose.

Many messed up male run countries and religions still try to hold women hostage and control them. At some point, more men will realize that women and men are different and have different gifts and ways about us. Good Girls want to work respectfully with good men not be dominated by unworthy or insecure men. Communism, Islam, Nazism, Feminism, none of these movements respected and honored powerful, healthy and wholesome masculinity in men and beautiful, strong and soft femininity. Some cultures try to make women masculine, others have multiple wives and others take away all morals and right and wrong. The fact that we have so much divorce and abortion means we are not doing very well on our report card as a civilized society. And, we need lots of Good Girls to make things better.

Good Girls wants to help women reconnect with their essential virtue and God, then teach women how to negotiate for themselves. In the olden days, women’s father’s or governments negotiated for their virtue with suitors. The 60s just threw women out in the cold without a coat and women got really hurt through being unprotected and also untrained in the area of self-care and self-respect.

Good Girls believes in women being feminine and virtuous. Some women may want careers and others will want to be stay at home moms. Mothers who stay home are teaching the moral clarity and ethics to the next generation. Many toxic movements tried to get moms to have their kids raised by the government so the kids would not know love, moral clarity or moral courage.