Virtue Tank
Every woman has a virtue tank inside her. Picture it as a large glass container the size of a water heater. Each day that you are true to yourself and God, you get one drop of a sparkling drop of virtue in your tank.

As you might imagine, if you only get a drop a day, it takes a very long time to fill up your inner virtue tank. But the fuller it gets, the more your beauty shines through from the inside and outside. This beauty is what inspires people around you to also have virtue. There are people who are empty and will envy your virtue and try to sabotage you, but your virtue is the most important part of your beauty.

If you are given an extra $10 back at the grocery store, and decide to keep it, your virtue drops and your inner beauty diminishes.

If you say a gossipy lie about another person just to hurt them that isn’t true, your tank loses virtue. One act that empties the virtue tank all together is sexual intercourse (vaginal) or sodomy (oral or anal sex) with someone other than your kind and moral husband.

If you fornicate, or have sex outside of marriage, your virtue tank can’t really fill up.

If you are having sex with multiple people, your virtue tank is low or empty.

If your husband comes home and talks meanly to you, uses dirty language and tries to pressure you when you don’t feel good, and you give in, you will lose your sparkle.


Now, keep in mind, there are times where women voluntarily make choices that empty their virtue tanks and they feel awful. And, there are times that a woman’s virtue tank is emptied by force, such as in a rape. As wrong and awful as it sounds, a penis going in a woman’s body does something to her spirit and soul.

The times it makes her more virtuous and beautiful is when she has been very self-respecting and also has a Jesus based Judeo-Christian relationship with her husband where they both share almost identical values. After a rape, that is not a woman’s fault, she will likely feel very internally and spiritually wounded and she will need to be very attentive of her virtue tank. Unfortunately, many women who are raped experience another rape soon after because they are vulnerable from the bodily and spiritual violation.